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Yellowfin Deep Dive at IBIS 2013 – Hands on Training

Bree-Anna DivingHaving the opportunity to teach what I love has played out a few times in my life. From guiding students into the depths of the Pacific Ocean as a Scuba Dive Master to leading a class of business users in working with one of my favorite Business Intelligence Solutions, I have noticed almost everything in life can encompass a similar theme: deep dive with everything you do. Take the plunge, the next step, strive for the depths of informing yourself while gaining  insight around what is out there.

This year at InfoSol’s Business Intelligence Seminar (IBIS 2013), I have been given the opportunity to lead business users through a hand’s on training with this awesome solution: Yellowfin BI.

The pre-seminar workshop  (yellowfin-bi) will expose students to designing both simple and advanced reports and dashboards while empowering business users to create and manage Business Intelligence from a single integrated solution. Students will get to develop visualizations with data in GIS Location Mapping, work with formatting metadata for report development, combine data sources in advanced reporting with powerful sub queries, and design highly visual and interactive dashboards.

What better way to dive into learning than by getting your hands wet?

How often in our every day lives do we get to stop what we are doing and just play in the ocean of Business Intelligence? As a Dive Master to the training I am excited to share everything that I have loved in working with this solution and how fun it can be in creating maginificent and effective Business Intelligence content. Let me say that again, I want to share how FUN it can be in creating your Business Intelligence content.

The feeling is fresh, the visuals are exciting, the workflow radiates simplicity, and the playground is Yellowfin. Can you tell that I’m passionate about this stuff?  Who’s in?

For more info on the Limitless BI conference visit LimitlessBI at IBIS

About Bree-Anna Mustad

Bree-Anna provides knowledge transfer and demonstrations on the core SAP BusinessObjects toolset as well as many other Business Intelligence solutions. She is the Principal Director of the Let’s Speak BO webinar series and as a certified BusinessObjects Instructor, Bree-Anna has worked with a variety of tools in order to share insight and expertise to the arena of Business Intelligence through case studies, success stories and in-depth examples. With a passion for Business Intelligence Bree-Anna enjoys writing blogs and presenting customer case studies in hopes of providing the community with up to date and insightful examples of the successes within Business Intelligence.

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