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Yellowfin 7 Release Coming Soon and Full of Enhancements

Yellowfin announced the new release date of their enhancements to the integrated BI solution that will reflect in Yellowfin 7; GA is set for December 20th 2013.

There are many anticipated enhancements coming in this release due to the feedback Yellowfin customers have given since the changes in 6.3.  I will touch on the majority of these enhancements from the Beautiful, Balanced & Brilliant Business Intelligence Webinar Yellowfin launched on November 26th.

Their focus for 7 has been in improving these features of the solution:

  • A seamless user experience transitioning from the desktop to the mobile application:

Yellowfin has improved navigation capabilities for the mobile application. These features include: the ability to expand sliding panels to navigate to the latest content, integration with the storyboard presentation layer now capable of deploying straight from a smart phone device, also with the ability to browse content in a similar gallery as the desktop application.

The user interface got a bit of a face lift as well: Similar to what I can only describe as the pop-up bubbles of social media outlets, users can now expand a window of icons leading them to interact with colleagues through the discussion panel and navigate easily to the Yellowfin inbox hosting in and outbound messages across the platform.

  • Making better decisions with collaboration:

Since the release of 6.3 and the first look at the Discussion page, Yellowfin has emphasized the key to successful decision making is through collaboration. Glen Rabie, CEO of Yellowfin BI, said that their goal with the Yellowfin Discussion Page is to ‘mimic the natural way we make decisions.’

Now the upcoming release of Yellowfin 7 will incorporate a deadline-based project proposal feature that will prompt users to make better, faster decisions through collaborating on projects within the discussion page. This feature elaborates on the previous feature where users can specify the visibility of the proposal by selecting from a group Yellowfin users, individuals within the platform, or default public access.

  • Administrative ease of use

Yellowfin 7 will simplify navigation for the Admin users by streamlining the Administrative console. All access to administrative tasks will come from one central location rather than the previous build in 6.3 with the option of multiple selections within one tab.

Yellowfin 7 also incorporates key user metrics in the form of interactive reports displayed as thumbnails on top of the administrative page. This enhancement will allow Admins to easily visualize KPIs from within the system on general usage, time-based usage, and license details.

  • Report Authoring

One of the largest enhancements in Yellowfin 7 is within the report builder. Now, any business user can easily create content and reports with the latest release due to simplified navigation and an intuitive user interface.

Users will now have the ability to author content from a tablet as well as the desktop application. With report and chart development Yellowfin 7 includes enhanced formatting controls so that you can design your report and chart simultaneously.

A much anticipated feature will now come to fruition in the upcoming release; users will now have the ability to build both freehand SQL and/or utilize the drag and drop builder for report calculated fields. In addition to these enhancements Yellowfin 7 includes a canvas builder within the report development process. This allows users to drag multiple charts to display alongside of a report. Included in this feature is the ability to customize the report canvas with additional imagery including the example they used in the webinar yesterday, placing a header on top of the newly developed report. The concept seems a bit similar to the ability to display everything within the dashboard. However after a few questions at the end of the Webinar, Glen specified that this enhancement of the report canvas builder will also be incorporated in future releases with the dashboard builder as well; allowing for more flexibility with customization of report and dashboard development.

Yellowfin 7 is set to release on December 20th, so you will be able to check out these changes for yourself very soon!

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