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Xcelsius Restaurant Analytics Hub Rocks Dubai

Dubai has become the business and entertainment hub for the Middle East and is definitely a “larger than life” place to visit and a great place to have a global conference.

So last month I was invited by our partner Intellytics to participate at their booth at the Global Restaurant Leadership Conference (GRLC) and found myself at what is apparently the tallest hotel (twin 72 story towers) in the world.

This was a first class conference with senior C-level executives from major global restaurant chains, franchises and their suppliers in attendance.

I learned that the global restaurant space is estimated to be a $3 trillion market and that there are very few Business Intelligence applications built specifically for this industry segment. Maybe this explains why there was so much excitement over the new Restaurant Analytics Hub launched at the event.

The Hub provides both powerful analytics and amazing data visualization for all aspects of the Restaurant and Restaurant Franchise business. From analyzing Point Of Sale (POS) data by every category imaginable, to looking at Google analytics for on-line sales, social media sentiment, brand analysis, customer survey analysis as well as detailed business scorecards. All of this is delivered in a compelling and intuitive way through a single BI data visualization interface that requires no user training.

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The solution is being delivered on a subscription basis housed in the cloud with templates provided for the data. Clients have the option to subscribe to just some or all of the features offered.

The technology and engine behind the Restaurant Analytics Hub is the Xcelsius (SAP BO Dashboards) for the data visualization and the InfoBurst Dash XML data caching (XDC) providing the in-memory data caching for handling large amounts of data with excellent response times. For mobile, the dCode add-on Xcelsius component is used using Xcelsius HTML5 output.

So why did Intellytics choose these technologies to build the next generation BI solution for the Restaurant industry?

Quite simply because they are tried, proven, flexible, quick and easy to develop and deploy, affordable and incredibly powerful.  As Anjum Sadaqat, CEO and Founder of Intellytics, said, “Xcelsius is still very much the king, we just showcase its true capabilities. We use InfoBurst XDC for all our dashboard solutions because it makes Xcelsius fly” .

There were certainly no arguments with this from the attendees at the GRLC last month as they were simply blown away by the solution and literally lining up to see it in action and try it out.

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