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Why won’t my Xcelsius Dashboard USA Map show alerts?

Using the maps provided in Xcelsius/Dashboards 4.x is not difficult, but I have often seen developers forget how to set them up properly to get them to display the data and alerts because it is not the most obvious/intuitive component and also not frequently used.


I finally made this cheat sheet to help them remember how to set it up.


1) The Display data must be 2 columns – your labels column AND values:

xcelsius-dashboard-map-tech-tip-2  xcelsius-dashboard-map-tech-tip-3

The Region Keys (labels) will be the state names or abbreviation, whichever you have chosen, and the Display Data will be the values that are shown when the user hovers over and selects that state.

2) You must include all 50 states PLUS the District of Columbia (DC), even if you do not have data for each state. If you leave one out, then the state names will not match properly. (This is for the USA map. If you use the USA Continental map, then Hawaii and Alaska are excluded).

3) Your Alert values must also be 2 columns – your labels column and your alert values

xcelsius-dashboard-map-tech-tip-4  xcelsius-dashboard-map-tech-tip-5

4) You can use either long state names or abbreviated names, but you must be consistent. You cannot use long state names in your labels, and then reference the short names in the setup of display data or alert values.


And that’s it – the quick and easy map setup & alerting!

For more advanced map options, check out the CMaps Plugin as used in this award-winning dashboard designed by InfoSol.

For more information about the CMaps Plugin or for assistance in designing advanced dashboard solutions you can contact us.

If you want more map options and anything “outside the box”, I recommend visiting our partner at Centigon Solutions and check out their CMaps Plugins and cool location intelligence offerings.

Happy Dashboarding!

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Roxanne Pittman is a Senior Business Intelligence Technical Consultant for InfoSol, providing consulting and training for BusinessObjects. She is a certified Business Objects Instructor for Business Objects, specializing in Web Intelligence, Desktop Intelligence, Dashboard Manager, Universe Design, Xcelsius Dashboards, Xcelsius Data Connectivity, and Knowledge Accelerator Customization. Roxanne has specialized in Xcelsius connected models, with extensive experience in using XML, Web Services, Live Office and InfoBurst-XDS and XDM to create dynamic dashboards. In addition to being a multi-certified instructor, Roxanne has experience working with Fortune 500 companies as a consultant in the deployment of business intelligence solutions.

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