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What’s Old Is New Again: BI 4 DeskI Compatibility Pack (DCP) & InfoBurst

Desktop Intelligence (DeskI) reports get a new lease on life in SAP’s Business Intelligence Platform 4.1. The Desktop Intelligence Compatibility Pack (DCP) enables DeskI users to connect their XI3 DeskI client to BI 4.1 to view and refresh DeskI reports. DCP is intended to accommodate DeskI users as they transition their reports to the BI 4 WebI format. DCP adds no new DeskI functionality and SAP support for DeskI will end in 2015.

What DCP does not provide is the ability to schedule, burst and deliver DeskI reports from the BI 4.1 platform. That’s where InfoBurst comes in. InfoBurst provides advanced report bursting and scheduling capabilities for a variety of Business Intelligence report types, including DeskI. Use InfoBust with BI 4.1 and the DCP to schedule, burst and deliver your XI 3 DeskI reports.


Leverage InfoBurst’s robust scheduler to manage your DeskI report delivery schedules. Use advanced scheduling rules, custom calendars, date macros and events to schedule report deliveries.


Dynamically control DeskI report bursting using multi-pass and single-pass bursting methods. Intelligently manage bursting values using various data sources, including database queries, Excel and report LOVs.


Publish DeskI in a variety of customizable formats, including PDF, Excel and CSV. Deliver DeskI inline via email alongside WebI, Crystal and other report content.

Publish DeskI, WebI and Crystal report content into a single PDF or Excel file using Content Grouping. Publish DeskI in PNG Image format for tailored viewing on mobile devices.


Deliver DeskI content to a variety of destinations, including email, network shares, and SharePoint. Send DeskI content to the BI 4 Launch Pad, including public folders and user inboxes. Use Intelligent Email Delivery to deliver personalized report content. Send report content based on report data conditions using Conditional Delivery.

Contact InfoSol for additional information about InfoBurst and the Desktop Intelligence Compatibility Pack in BI 4.1.

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