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Tech Tip: How to use System Configurations

Tip : How to use System Configurations

A system configuration defines a set of datastore configurations that can be used at job runtime. System configurations are used to execute the same logic against different datastore environments. Migration is faster between environments.


Right click an existing data store and click Edit.

Click Advanced.

Click Edit to open the Configurations for the datastore.

Click Create new configuration icon on the toolbar.

Enter a unique configuration name and Click OK.

Select the default configuration and rename it to SC_DEV. Click OK twice.

Go to Tools -> System Configurations

For the Datastore “DS_DEMO”, select the “SC_PROD” configuration from the dropdown box. If required, multiple systems configurations can be created. Each system configuration can use 1 or more datastores.

Rename the System Configuration to SC_PROD

Right click the Job and Execute. In the execution properties window, if the System Configuration is not selected, the job executes by using the default configuration (in this example – SC_DEV). Data is sourced from the QA database SQL Server 2008.

To source the data from the new Production database (in this example, SQL Server 2014), click the System Configuration dropdown box and select SC_PROD and click ok.

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