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Let’s Speak BO Together– Highlights of 2018

The Let’s Speak BO Webinar series that began in the winter of 2015 just recently concluded its third straight year of bi-weekly Business Intelligence Webinars with a fantastic close. Adam Lange, with A. Lange Consulting, lead a jam packed session dedicated to all of the new things our BusinessObjects community ...

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Tech Tip: How to Skip Dataflows for Testing or Restarting a Job for Recovery

InfoSol Blog Tech Tip

Tip: How to Skip Dataflows for Testing or Restarting a Job for Recovery Trick: Use Bypass One of the greatest features of SAP Data Services is the ability to divert dataflows/workflows in a large workflow or job with multiple steps. This becomes very important when performing system testing or an ...

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InfoSol Dashboard Awards that Inspire at IBIS 2018

The love for BusinessObjects was in the air at this year’s InfoSol Business Intelligence Seminar (IBIS). With attendees sharing their love for BusinessObjects, networking with others who share the same passion, and attending many hands-on training and seminar sessions to expand their knowledge. One of the highlights of IBIS was ...

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British Museum Real World Case Studies Are Best

I always try to visit the British Museum when I am in London as it is one of my favorite places. It has fantastic Ancient Egyptian galleries and I never miss an opportunity to revel amongst those fascinating artifacts. However, today I was in for a special treat as there ...

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Pop Quiz

Quick! Answer this question: Can you do the work of an accountant? Now, before I tell you why I ask and why you answered the way you did, humor me and ask yourself a few more questions: What made you think that you could or couldn’t handle that effort? Do ...

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Aluminium Industry Just Loving BI Dashboards

I recently had an article entitled Data Dashboards to Improve a Company’s Business Intelligence published in Aluminium International Today – Jan/Feb in print. This happened following a keynote I delivered at an Aluminum Conference in Oman last November. A .pdf copy of the article which I wrote based on my presentation ...

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