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Stop Being a BusinessObjects Orphan

The BusinessObjects family is fruitful and multiplying. With the number of BusinessObjects user meetings dramatically increasing and additional cities requesting new local user meetings to be started, the family is going to continue to grow. We feel the reason for this increase is due to the content being delivered at the BusinessObjects user meetings, which is only BusinessObjects related. This sounds like common sense, but ask anyone that has attended other user meetings recently, you don’t always get what you come for. Not only is the focus of the BusinessObjects user meetings only on BusinessObjects, but there is a conscious effort to limit any marketing or sales pitch messages during the meeting.

How is this possible? There are no sponsors. Local organizations that use BusinessObjects host the event and donate the space. InfoSol and CTTS facilitate and organize the BusinessObjects user meetings. Local users, InfoSol, and CTTS present on relevant topics, like migrations and BO roadmaps. APOS and other organizations will occasionally attend the events as well to present and provide their expertise on relevant topics.

Why do we do it this? By eliminating sponsorship, you avoid hearing sales presentations and it ensures that only quality information is given during the meetings. They are a full day event, always free to attend and the only goals of the meetings are to educate, bring value, and allow networking between the local users.

Meetings are typically hosted three to four times a year in each city. Here is a current list of dates and the cities where the groups will meet, you can view agenda information and register on our Events Website:

  • September 16: Indianapolis, IN
  • September 30: Raleigh, NC
  • October 1: Cincinnati, OH
  • October 2: Detroit, MI
  • October 3: Grand Rapids, MI
  • October 10: Washington, DC (Hosted by CBeyonData)
  • October 14: Los Angeles, CA
  • October 15: San Francisco, CA
  • October 16: Portland, OR

Over the past couple of years InfoSol has partnered with CTTS to deliver BusinessObjects user meetings in various cities, so if you would like to attend one of the user groups please let us know by commenting below and we will give you all the necessary details. If you would like to start a user meeting in your city, please let us know and we will help facilitate the start of one.

About Chris Kruger

Chris Kruger is an Account Manager for InfoSol, providing Business Intelligence solutions for a wide range of clients. His passion for business and relationship building supports his motivation to learn everything he can about his clients and their business. Chris has in-depth knowledge and experience with multiple BI solutions and specializes in Mobile Business Intelligence. Chris has presented at many events, most recently including SAP User Groups and the ASUG Business Objects User Conference in Orlando, FL. Chris is a contributing member to many Business Intelligence Groups including America's SAP User Group (ASUG).

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  1. I am interested in attending the group meet in Washington DC on Oct 10. Please do provide me the details of the events

  2. Hi Jegades,

    You can visit our events calendar and select the DC user group at http://events.infosol.com/events-calendar/

    That will take you to the registration page. Thank you for reading the post and I will see you in DC!


  3. Thanks Chris