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Roambi Hits the Android Market on July 22nd

MeLLmo, creators of the widely recognized, gamification-style, mobile BI application, recently announced support for Android devices. The San Diego, California-based company originally conceived their fantastic data visualizer, Roambi Analytics, for the iPhone. Offering both data visualization and content publishing tools, Roambi Anayltics became widely used once the iPad was released to the public. Since then Mellmo continued to produce a series of mobile applications: Roambi Analytics, Roambi Flow, and Roambi Business (allowing businesses to access data, analytics and insight with the help from the cloud).

Now, the Roambi marketplace has expanded once again opening the doors to Android devices. The Roambi Enterprise Server and Roambi Business (cloud offering) will be available to install through the Google Play store on July 22nd 2014.

The Android version will initially include four of the most popular Roambi views (Catalist, Card View, Superlist, and Layers) and continue to add additional support for the remaining views throughout the year. The good news for existing Roambi customers: There will be no requirement of reengineering existing RBI files stored in the Roambi Publisher.

For more information on any of the Roambi applications, schedule a live demonstration or contact us for a consultation on your business requirements in a mobile Business Intelligence solution.

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