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Migrating to 4.2 SP7: Use patch 400 for SAP Dashboards/Xcelsius

SAP Dashboards/Xcelsius has long been favored as a tool that creates interactive applications without the need for coding knowledge.  Although sold under “dashboarding”, its use of Excel as a development mechanism made it an instant hit for non-coders who already knew how to use Excel to manipulate data arrays and variables.

A few years back, SAP added the export option of HTML5 through its “Mobile Preview” mode.  Since HTML5 is a more versatile output code across platforms, this was a welcome move.  Many users simply switched their applications from exporting to flash mode to exporting to HTML5 to keep up with accepted technology.

This is still widely used as a fantastic method for creating applications into HTML5 code without actually having to know how to code.

Here at Infosol we developed a tool, dCode, that adds to and packages the HTML5 code for even easier and better use.  We add style code, animated images and other finishing pieces to the code generated by SAP Dashboards/Xcelsius as an add-in to the tool.

Unfortunately, SAP has had a bug for all of 4.2 SP7 (patches 000, 100, 200, 300) mobile preview in SAP Dashboards/Xcelsius that displays the mobile preview as blank, making it more difficult to create the HTML5 code from this version.  As of 7/23/2019, however, patch 400 has come out and this bug is fixed.

This means that upgrading to 4.2 SP7 Patch 400 finally makes sense for anyone doing mobile Dashboarding to HTML5 code out of SAP Xcelsius.  This is especially true for dCode users.

InfoSol is also working on a new solution, Squirrel, that is entirely built from HTML5 Code and continues using everyone’s current knowledge of spreadsheet data and variable manipulation to create HTML5 applications and dashboards. Squirrel will be out in December, but here’s a quick peak below.

Tools with limited learning curves but powerful end results are often rare, but Xcelsius and Squirrel really hit that combination in a way like few others.

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Amy is a Senior Technical Consultant at InfoSol. In one form or another, she has been working with data for 30 years. Amy’s education and early work experience in Analytical Chemistry led to a passion in improving reporting out of Microsoft Excel-based and Access-based tools. Frustrated with the monotony of “cranking out samples,” she studied and trained to get her MCSE with Microsoft in order to follow her IT-focused passions. Amy has been with InfoSol for 19 years now. Certified as a BusinessObjects Certified Professional, she can often be found providing client installations and migrations, as well as data integration, universe, report and dashboard design. She still says her greatest passion is for process improvement in whatever form it may take.

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