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Limitless BI – The Real BI Trend for 2014

While BI Vendors and Industry Analysts  keep telling us that the top BI trends for 2014 are Big Data, Predictive Analytics and Data Discovery tools and we are all going to become data scientists, they all appear to be missing the real pervasive BI trend that is happening everywhere right now known as Limitless BI.

Limitless BI is all about seeing beyond the obvious and using your imagination to create BI applications and solutions that make a real difference. More importantly, it is being achieved without business disruption and investing lots of money into alternative BI technology and tools.

So, when the ARI Product Development team needed to find a rapid and agile BI solution to visually explore data about its vehicle servicing vendors across the US to look for opportunities for new services and solutions, they created a Limitless BI solution based on Xcelsius, InfoBurst Dash and the Centigon GMaps Plugin.

Developed in just two weeks, the result led to providing more business for ARI’s key vehicle servicing vendors while reducing maintenance costs for clients. Check out the ASUG News video interview on the ARI Limitless BI Solution.

And when Lori Wagner from Bosch Automotive Services sat in a meeting to discuss how to improve visibility and productivity of shop floor operational processes, she came up with an Xcelsius and InfoBurst XML Data Cache based Limitless BI application. The results were simply amazing and included a decrease in the average duration of a job from 27 days to just 10 days!  Check out the recent article from ASUG News based on an interview with Lori. Bosch’s Limitless BI: Xcelsius for Operational Dashboards

These are just two of many more Limitless BI solutions you will be hearing about in the coming months and at this year’s IBIS 2014, there will again be a dedicated Limitless BI track where more than a dozen customers will present case studies and demonstrate their amazing solutions .

Perhaps you have created or encountered a Limitless BI solution recently yourself. If so, we would love to hear about it. Just email us at infosol@infosol.com.

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