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Limitless BI Raising the Bar at Bosch

The great Business Intelligence Visualization revolution was started by dashboard tools like Xcelsius over ten years ago and while the rest of the tool sets and vendors have taken that decade to catch up, Xcelsius has become part of a new revolution known as Limitless Business Intelligence.

Limitless BI is all about seeing beyond the obvious and using your imagination to create applications and solutions that make a real difference. So when Lori Wagner from Bosch Automotive Services sat in a meeting to discuss how to improve visibility and productivity of shop floor operational processes, she imagined an Xcelsius based Limitless BI application. The results were simply amazing and included a decrease in the average duration of a job from 27 days to just 10 days!

Check out the recent article from ASUG News based on an interview with Lori: Bosch’s Limitless BI: Xcelsius for Operational Dashboards

So since when did BI tools and applications take the place of programming tools and operational applications?

Actually, it’s been happening for some time. The rapid visual prototyping and development time using Xcelsius makes it ideal for building creative and effective applications. When it is combined with the InfoBurst XML Data Caching, as in the case of Bosch, you can handle large amounts of data with fast response times, initiate external events and alerts and even write back to databases. The possibilities become limitless.

At last year’s IBIS event, Bosch won one of the prestigious Best Dashboard Awards for their Magnetic Board Replacement dashboard application and the other category winners had equally imaginative Limitless BI dashboard applications. At this year’s IBIS 2014, there will again be a dedicated Limitless BI track where more than a dozen customers will present case studies and demonstrate their amazing solutions and many of them will have Xcelsius at the core.

By the way, it is not too late to enter your own cool dashboard application for the 2014 Best Dashboard Awards  and follow in the footsteps of Bosch.

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