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There was an abundance of superheroes at this year’s InfoSol Business Intelligence Seminar (IBIS 2013) where the theme of Limitless BI resonated throughout the action-packed agenda...

Limitless BI Highlights and Panel Discussion Video

Highlights from Limitless BI

There was an abundance of superheroes at this year’s InfoSol Business Intelligence Seminar (IBIS 2013) where the theme of Limitless BI resonated throughout the action-packed agenda.

From the astounding dashboards that won the Best Dashboard Awards on Sunday evening to the BI Visionary panel discussion at the Monday keynote and the remarkable BI case studies presented by customers, limitless business intelligence was on display throughout the event.

Glen Rabie, CEO and Co-Founder of Yellowfin, delivered a fascinating keynote of the future of Business Intelligence showing how collaboration along with integration with social media is pushing BI in new directions where it is becoming more about “telling a story” rather than just displaying analytics. The panel discussion with Glen, Ryan Goodman (Founder of Centigon Solutions) and Mico Yuk (Xcelsius Guru and creator of BIDF) was both lively and brutally honest.

The customer delivered BI case studies were once again truly enlightening. In addition to a deep dive on the solutions that won the Best Dashboard Awards , there were some truly great presentations.

Tom Marion from ARI showed how they implemented HANA with BusinessObjects for client facing real-time analytic solutions.  By designing analytic and attribute views in HANA from scratch, understanding the pros and cons of different functions and putting relational views on top using an IDT universe, they were able to deliver what their clients needed through Web Intelligence with no wait time.

Lori Wagner from Bosch Automotive Services presented an operational solution implemented for their tool making plant based on the paradigm of an air traffic control center with the idea of incoming jobs being treated like flight arrivals and completed jobs like flight departments. For the manufacturing of any tool, there are multiple process areas or work centers it has to pass through and at any time each of these may be available or backlogged. They created an Xcelsius Dashboard solution which dynamically refreshed every 15 minutes using InfoBurst XDC  and was viewable from all 100 distinct work centers. The result of implementing this very creative solution was reducing the Work in Progress from the average job from 27 days to just 10 days!

The second day’s keynote focused on the meaning of Limitless BI and redefining BI as “Big Imagination” showing examples of Business Intelligence applications as opposed to traditional reports and dashboards. A panel of customers then discussed the origins and results of their BI applications.

The evening receptions with the latest in BI solutions on display were a big hit, but the attendees posing in their best superhero stances stole the show. Be sure to check out the photos on the InfoSol Facebook page.

Here is some footage from the panel discussion where Mico, Glen, and Ryan gave an example of a recent case study implementation that they thought exemplified the future of BI:

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