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IBIS 2017 Dashboard Awards

InfoSol Dashboard Awards Wow Superheroes at IBIS 2017

The superhero theme was a huge hit at this year’s InfoSol Business Intelligence Seminar (IBIS) with attendees showing off some pretty cool superhero poses and an abundance of super powers in the many hands-on training and seminar sessions. One of the top highlights was the InfoSol 2017 dashboard awards that really showcased BusinessObjects superheroes at their best.

Once again, all the winning dashboards were developed using SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards (Xcelsius) demonstrating that this product, like our superheroes, is just invincible.

Best Business Dashboard Award

The InfoSol 2017 Best Business Dashboard Award was won by Santa Clara County Social Services Agency for their Human Resources dashboard. This comprehensive dashboard shows summary and drill-down detailed information on all personnel position status so at a glance you can see how many positions are filled, vacant, on leave as well as vacancy rates, overtime and extra help hours and cost. The dashboard can be viewed at the organizational and departmental levels and you can compare between departments. The dashboard also provides a drill-down capability into Web Intelligence reports that use input controls to provide detailed custom outputs.

Santa Clara County Social Services Agency Human Resources dashboard

The Results:

The dashboard has provided the County with remarkable insights into details of vacant positions that have not been filled for months and the cost to them in terms of overtime pay and created a new visibility of this information across the organization that is leading to positive change.

Limitless Business Intelligence Dashboard

The InfoSol 2017 Limitless Business Intelligence Dashboard Award went to the Ministry of Health and Prevention, UAE. Last year, the same team walked away with the Most Valuable Dashboard Award for their truly amazing Performance and Clinical Excellence (PaCE) dashboard. This year they came back and stunned us all again with a further dashboard taking their solution to a whole new level. While their previous dashboard was being updated every 4 hours and comparing key clinical and operational metrics daily and monthly, the new dashboard has real-time feeds coming straight from their Cerner EMR application. The graphics showing real-time bed management just blows you away – so simple and yet so effective.

Performance and Clinical Excellence (PaCE) dashboard Performance and Clinical Excellence (PaCE) dashboard

The Results:

The PaCE dashboard with its real-time updates is revolutionizing hospital operations and healthcare in the UAE. From reducing patient wait times to better coordination of patient care to better allocation of hospital staff to improving the management of hospital beds, the dashboard is creating both the visibility and behavioral changes to improve healthcare across all hospitals.

Most Valuable Dashboard Award

This year’s InfoSol Most Valuable Dashboard Award was carried away by ARI, a global fleet vehicle leasing and management company, for their Fleet Health Card dashboard. While traditional fleet vehicle data analysis would tell a lot about the what of a fleet’s operations , it never explained the why. So the ARI Fleet Health Card was created to determine cost outliers and identify the vehicles that have the biggest impact on cost and reliability. The dashboard allows users to see their fleet statistically distributed over a curve and use real-time data to benchmark vehicles against the rest of their fleet, similar industry fleets and the whole 1.4 million vehicles in ARI’s database.

Productivity and Clinical Excellence (PaCE) dashboard

The Results:

The results have been to move ARI’s clients from a “break and fix” model of fleet management to an incredibly accurate “predict and prevent” model. ARI can now help identify why a fleet is experiencing increased costs including whether drivers are using premium gas, going to costlier gas stations, driving patterns, vehicles age and service history. This, in turn, allows ARI customers to influence changes in  driver behavior, vehicle maintenance schedules, vehicle selection that will measurably reduce their costs.

The ARI Fleet Health Card dashboard is both desktop and mobile and built in Xcelsius HTML5 using dCode and dVelop components. It uses a universe on top of a HANA Calculation view to access millions of rows of data with incredibly fast response times.

The attendees at IBIS had a real treat seeing these dashboards in action and the screenshots scarcely do them justice but watch out for them at future BusinessObjects Regional User Group Meetings and Let’s Speak BO webinars in the coming months. They certainly inspired many people at IBIS to start new dashboard projects and I know I am definitely looking forward to seeing these new dashboards and more at IBIS 2018.

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