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InfoBurst Test Drive – April 19, 2012 – Distribute your BusinessObjects reports easily

UK based SAP BO partner, Blueprint Management Systems, will host a test drive of the latest InfoBurst Enterprise solution at its London HQ on April 19.

InfoBurst enables Xcelsius dashboards to handle large amounts of data with fast performance using its powerful XML data caching capability and to deliver those dashboards both connected and off-line to a variety of destinations including mobile devices like iPads and Androids. Some of the InfoBurst Xcelsius features include :

• An XML data cache able to support millions of rows of data for fast access from Xcelsius dashboards
• A write back connector for Xcelsius allowing write back from the dashboard to any database
• A “Save as Excel” function enabling the dashboard contents to be saved in Excel
• Creation , customized bursting and intelligent delivery of offline dashboards


Excerpt: Infoburst Test Drive – 19th April
blueprint uk performance management, financial planning & budgeting, business intelligence and data warehousing services allow clients to visualise and control the processes that directly affect success with professional

About InfoSol

INFOSOL is a leading provider of SAP BusinessObjects, consulting, products, education and technical support throughout North America. With an in-house product development team and partnerships with other leading Business Intelligence solutions providers around the world, INFOSOL offers the best-in-class and most innovative SAP BusinessObjects add-on solutions. These include InfoBurst for Automated Report and Dashboard Bursting and Publishing along with Intelligent Cache Query for optimal Xcelsius performance and scalability. Having more than 15 years experience in providing end-to-end Business Intelligence applications, INFOSOL has learned to see beyond the data and deliver visionary solutions that inspire.

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