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InfoBurst Build 122 Release & Webinar

InfoBurst (Enterprise and Dash) build 122 was released September 18, 2013. The build contains a number of new features and enhancements. Enhancements include:

  • BusinessObjects Platform Support: BI4.0 SP6 and XI3 SP6 platforms are now supported.
  • Database Connection Summary: Create a database connection summary. The summary (PDF) contains detail information about the connection and associated queries.
  • InfoBurst LaunchPad: Gain quick access to a variety of InfoBurst platform features from the InfoBurst LaunchPad user interface. The LaunchPad is available at http://[IBSERVER]:8551.
  • Excel Content Grouping: Content Grouping makes it possible to group pieces of content from multiple reports in a burst into a single PDF or Excel file. Excel content grouping has been enhanced to support custom worksheet (tab) naming. See the build release webinar below for typical usage examples.
  • Deliveries: SharePoint 2013 is now a supported delivery destination. Delivery Templates now support use of XI categories.
  • Cache Query & Crosstabs: Crosstab tables used in the XDC (XML Data Cache) may contain multiple header rows. You can now define which header row to use with cache queries.
  • Start Schedule Action: A new Action has been added. You can now start a schedule based on the status (start, completion or failure) of another burst, XDC or schedule.

The build release webinar contains additional details about enhancements to build 122 and a preview of build 123 and the 2014 InfoBurst User Conference.

Detailed release notes and download details can be found at the InfoBurst Support Wiki. Please contact ibsupport@infosol.com if you require wiki credentials.

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