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IBIS: The Best BO Training Event of the Year

One of the main benefits of IBIS is the value of training. One misconception about IBIS is that people assume that it is like other conferences, full of product demos and marketing hype. What attendees soon realize is that IBIS is an intense training experience with the perks of networking with other users from around the world.

Organizations that send attendees quickly realize the value of IBIS and allocate training budget to send individuals each year. This is due to the nature of the conference, where an individual is immersed in the subject(s) of choice and receives several days of hands-on experience. Attendees will actually build content, instead of sitting and hearing someone talk about it. They will be able to network and build a community of fellow users to assist with learning and help with future troubleshooting. With four different hands-on boot camps and six seminar tracks, there are enough options to make you a master in all the BI subjects.

Many people also assume that because IBIS is held at a 5 star resort, it is more expensive than having students attend typical training. Not necessarily. With early bird discounts, group discounts, and alumni discounts, the cost of IBIS can fit anyone’s budget! The cost also includes hotel lodging and meals, which greatly reduce the travel and living expenses incurred by organizations.

The bootcamp style training courses range from beginner to advanced levels and the pace of the class is faster than the typical certified training. The number of topics covered is similar to that of four or five days of certified training. Given the cost of $600 per student, per day for standard training, the cost of IBIS is similar and will provide attendees an unforgettable experience. IBIS is a great way to reward your employees, develop their skills, and to get the most out of your organization’s training dollars. All of these reasons are why those that have attended refer to IBIS as the best BO training event of the year!

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About Chris Kruger

Chris Kruger is an Account Manager for InfoSol, providing Business Intelligence solutions for a wide range of clients. His passion for business and relationship building supports his motivation to learn everything he can about his clients and their business. Chris has in-depth knowledge and experience with multiple BI solutions and specializes in Mobile Business Intelligence. Chris has presented at many events, most recently including SAP User Groups and the ASUG Business Objects User Conference in Orlando, FL. Chris is a contributing member to many Business Intelligence Groups including America's SAP User Group (ASUG).

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