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IBIS 2013 Keynotes, Awards Presentation and Panel Discussions Not To Be Missed

IBIS 2013 is almost here and we are looking forward to the collaboration and sharing that will take place at this year’s most exciting conference, seminar and gathering of Business Intelligence superheroes.  Here’s an overview of three essential events that will ensure you get the most of your IBIS 2013 experience.

Sunday Evening Keynote and Awards Presentation

The main conference will kick off with the Sunday evening Welcome Reception.  Limitless BI will go “up, up and away” with Paul Grill, President and CEO of InfoSol Inc., who will introduce the combined IBIS 2013 and InfoBurst User Conference events and what amazing adventures lay ahead over the next three days. Paul will share highlights of the exciting agenda and activities that you will not want to miss, including  the Dashboard Award presentation following and several intriguing social media events for you to get plugged in to.

Monday Morning Keynote and Panel Discussion

Glen Rabie, CEO and Co-founder of Yellowfin will deliver Monday Morning’s Keynote: The Future of BI, followed by a panel discussion on global trends that will most influence the next generation of BI solutions.

Business Intelligence (BI) is becoming increasingly consumer-oriented, and undergoing a period of rapid change. Organizations now realize the potential and value of empowering decision-makers throughout the enterprise with ability to take better, faster fact-based action.

How will BI keep adapting to become more consumable, sharable, effortlessly intuitive and pervasive? How will we meet the demands of an increasingly large and less technical audience? How will BI transform to best integrate into our natural decision-making processes and even our everyday lives? Join us to explore these questions.

After Glen’s keynote, sit in on a fascinating glimpse of the future of Business Intelligence as three business intelligence visionaries answer your questions on what current and future technology, business and global trends will most influence the next generation of BI solutions.

Tuesday Morning Keynote and Panel Discussion

Paul Grill, President and CEO, InfoSol Inc. will deliver Tuesday morning’s Keynote: Limitless Business Intelligence, followed by a panel discussion on Inspired Business Intelligence.

Organizations and people all over the world are using Business Intelligence in new, innovative and amazing ways to unlock insightful information. Current technology enables us to analyze, visualize and explore huge amounts of data. But the real breakthrough in BI is the realization that we can now create true Business Intelligence applications for almost anything and everything. We are only limited by our imaginations which collectively can conjure up infinite possibilities. We are entering a time of limitless business intelligence.

Paul Grill will share his vision of Limitless BI through anecdotal stories and case studies gathered from his travels and experiences; delivered to entertain, educate and inspire you to become BI superheroes.

After Paul’s keynote, take part in a panel discussion with three inspired Business Intelligence professionals who designed or developed game-changing BI applications for their organizations.

To submit your question in advance for the panel discussions, please email ibis@infosol.com

About InfoSol

INFOSOL is a leading provider of SAP BusinessObjects, consulting, products, education and technical support throughout North America. With an in-house product development team and partnerships with other leading Business Intelligence solutions providers around the world, INFOSOL offers the best-in-class and most innovative SAP BusinessObjects add-on solutions. These include InfoBurst for Automated Report and Dashboard Bursting and Publishing along with Intelligent Cache Query for optimal Xcelsius performance and scalability. Having more than 15 years experience in providing end-to-end Business Intelligence applications, INFOSOL has learned to see beyond the data and deliver visionary solutions that inspire.

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