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IBIS 2011 – Can you smell the ocean air?

I’ve bookmarked the Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel website and have been visiting it more frequently now that IBIS 2011 is less than a month away.  26 days away to be exact and I’m very excited because I missed last year’s IBIS at this fantastic resort.  The first line of their home page reads: Escape to one of the world’s finest luxury resorts…

And their pictures speak for themselves. 

But location aside, IBIS 2011 promises to be our best IBIS yet.  With a theme of Inspired Business Intelligence, our hope is to share with you our passion for BI and to provide you the opportunity to connect and be present with each other so that you may collectively inspire and be inspired among a circle of peers.    

Here are some highlights with links to the IBIS website:

IBIS 2011: INSPIRED BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE, June 19 – 24, 2011, offers a robust line-up:


IBIS registration includes 3 nights stay at the Ritz overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Southern California, all group meals, resort fees and more.

Register online.  I can’t wait to see you there.

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Yolande Grill is the COO at InfoSol Inc. "I like to think of myself as the Chief Transformation Officer. My favorite quote to ponder is one from Trina Paulus: 'How Exactly does one become a butterfly? You must want to fly so badly, that you are willing to give up being a catterpillar'. I love feeling inspired."

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