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Squirrel 365 and Archaeological Data

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I am a settlement archaeologist who works with pottery from Elephantine Island (project of the German Archaeological Institute), and at Kom el-Hisn, where I direct excavations. Settlement excavations help us understand how the Egyptians lived – in part by enabling us to look at what they threw away. The routine ...

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Ancient Egypt and BusinessObjects – Both Light Years Ahead

One of the reasons I am so fascinated by the Ancient Egyptian culture is that it was so far ahead of its time. Not only did it thrive for almost three millennia, but the Ancient Egyptians were advanced in mathematics, architecture, construction, agriculture, astronomy, medicine, legal systems, writing, art and ...

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Is InfoBurst Squirrel the Best Thing since Sliced Bread?

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While on a recent trip to Egypt, I noticed some wall paintings in several of the tombs I visited showing a person sitting in front of an offering table with what looked like a bunch of thin, vertical oblong objects, tapered at the top, and tightly packed together. I took ...

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