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Day 8: London, UK

The last day of a very gruesome schedule of planes, trains, trams, and automobiles. I take the London Underground into the City area. After letting two trains go by, because you could not fit a single person more into the crammed carriages, I allow myself to be literally carried between ...

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DAY 7: Dusseldorf, Germany

I love the German language, because the words are so different and neat to say. There is this great feeling of schoolboy daring, combined with a vocal accomplishment when you speak them out load. The train stations, at both Cologne and Dusseldorf, provided ample fodder for practicing my linguistic fetish: ...

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Day 6: Mussels in Brussels, Belgium

Belgium is well known for its chocolate and its beer which happen to be two of my favorite things. It is also famous for its mussels which I crave with a passion too. Well, I was fortunate enough to savor all three of these heavenly delights during my one day ...

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Day 5: Paris, France

As well as the risk of being run down by crazy drivers in Paris, there are now thousands of French people too crazy to be allowed behind the wheel of a car, who have been let loose on bicycles.  To both help the environment and reduce the population, the Parisian ...

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Day 4: The Alps

A day off! This is a rare occurrence for a Business Intelligence road warrior, so I went to visit my eldest son who works at a ski resort in the French Alps. He managed to convince me to try out skiing for the second time in my life. I shall ...

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Day 3: Lyon, France

So, we go to lunch is this gorgeous 19th century traditional French restaurant, in Lyon, with beautiful old French décor (like the palace at Versailles), and these amazing May trees in full, pink blooms outside and 3 French guys sit down and start comparing mobile phones!! Well, I appreciated the ...

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