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Let’s Speak BO

I had the unfortunate experience of having a root canal performed last week and it was not pleasant, but during the procedure I was totally fascinated by the way the Endodontist  spoke to his assistant.  He used terms and an entire language that I didn’t understand, but was second nature ...

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BI = Big Imagination at IBIS 2014

The possibilities with Business Intelligence today are limitless. The limitations that exist are only in the boundaries of one’s imagination. Business Intelligence= Big Imagination. Translation: if you can dream it, you can build it. As a leading Business Intelligence solutions provider, InfoSol has witnessed many inspirational stories around the success ...

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IBIS: The Best BO Training Event of the Year

One of the main benefits of IBIS is the value of training. One misconception about IBIS is that people assume that it is like other conferences, full of product demos and marketing hype. What attendees soon realize is that IBIS is an intense training experience with the perks of networking ...

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Why You Should Attend IBIS 2014

People around the world from a variety of business backgrounds have gathered together every year in June for an extraordinary conference. InfoSol’s Business Intelligence Seminar (IBIS) is a premier Business Objects experience that succeeds beyond standard education conferences today. This year’s IBIS, Limitless Business Intelligence 2.0, will deliver new attendees ...

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Exciting Enhancements Coming for InfoBurst Enterprise

Many exciting things came from our first annual InfoBurst® User Conference.  Getting to interact with our customers, seeing how they use the product, and hearing about the real world issues they face really help mold what InfoBurst Enterprise can become.  This year we held a User Influence Meeting where we ...

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InfoBurst User Conference Wrap-up and Feedback

On behalf of the InfoBurst team I want to thank the attendees of this year’s InfoBurst User Conference in San Diego. Over six days iB users participated in certification courses, hands-on workshops and a variety of topical seminars. Users came together during the user influence meeting and shared their ideas ...

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