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The end of support for SAP Products on Windows 2008

Have you been forced to buy a new cell phone because there are no new app updates available? And whenever you see someone else’s phones, they operate faster than yours does and have all the latest features? The average life of a handset in the U.S. is about 21 months, ...

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Using an Input Control to Sort in Web Intelligence

InfoSol Blog Tech Tip

In Design mode of Web Intelligence, you can change the sort order of columns in a block.  However, this option is not available in Reading mode.  We can accomplish some basic sorting tasks using an input control and the steps below will detail how this is done. We’ll start off ...

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Migrating to 4.2 SP7: Use patch 400 for SAP Dashboards/Xcelsius

SAP Dashboards/Xcelsius has long been favored as a tool that creates interactive applications without the need for coding knowledge.  Although sold under “dashboarding”, its use of Excel as a development mechanism made it an instant hit for non-coders who already knew how to use Excel to manipulate data arrays and ...

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