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Stuffing Olives

Last week I was visiting a customer in New Jersey and after a full day of discussing and demonstrating the latest BI visualization and mobile solutions, we arranged to meet at a restaurant for dinner. The CIO had arrived about 10 minutes before me and was sitting in the bar ...

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Chicago Blues

I knew it was too good to be true when I arrived at Chicago O’Hare airport a few minutes ahead of schedule.  I thought I might actually have time to eat, do my email, test drive my demonstration I needed to deliver the following morning and get 7 hours of ...

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Xcelerate Your Xcelsius Xcellence with Dynamic Dashboard Development Services from InfoSol

With more than a dozen Xcelsius Black Belt specialists on staff, InfoSol provides a complete range of Dashboard development, deployment and support services including: Proof-of-Concept Services Building and delivering Xcelsius dashboard solutions in your environment to demonstrate the value prior to a full deployment Dashboard Design and Planning Services Assistance ...

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Snake-Proof Business Intelligence

I live north of Phoenix in the desert outside an old mining and cowboy town called Cave Creek which is famous for its Chili Beer – yes, a bottle of amber beer with a real hot chili pepper in it with a slogan that says “Lime is for Wimps!” Anyway, ...

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Rock Star

A few months ago, my two youngest kids received this Rock Band game for Xbox 360 from their aunt. It came with a drum kit, guitar and microphone and basically lets you play and sing along to famous songs by famous rock bands. It also allows you to create your ...

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Car Shopping

I love going car shopping with my wife. It is so entertaining to watch her completely confound one car salesperson after another with her simple approach to selecting the vehicle that she wants. To my wife, a car is a piece of metal, on four wheels, that gets you from ...

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