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Ponderings on the need for a Data Warehouse for BI

I recently came across an article that stated ‘No Data Warehouse Required for BI’.  I immediately understood that the article is going to stress the relevance of operational Business Intelligence (BI) over constructing data warehouses in a typical BI environment. I am a big believer of the fact that building ...

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InfoSol Green Services

InfoSol’s GreenServices is an innovative offering of remote Business Intelligence consulting and training services that save the environment while saving you money. InfoSol offers a comprehensive set of Business Intelligence consulting and education services that can be performed remotely, without the need for you or us to fly, drive, or ...

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Xcelsius Festival

The 2009 GBN Conference, held in Dallas this past week, was more of an Xcelsius Festival than a Global BusinessObjects Network event. As Saskia Battersby, Product Manager for Xcelsius, mentioned in her Xcelsius Roadmap session…“four years ago, we had to fight to get one Xcelsius session accepted at the Annual ...

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Stuffing Olives

Last week I was visiting a customer in New Jersey and after a full day of discussing and demonstrating the latest BI visualization and mobile solutions, we arranged to meet at a restaurant for dinner. The CIO had arrived about 10 minutes before me and was sitting in the bar ...

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Chicago Blues

I knew it was too good to be true when I arrived at Chicago O’Hare airport a few minutes ahead of schedule.  I thought I might actually have time to eat, do my email, test drive my demonstration I needed to deliver the following morning and get 7 hours of ...

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