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Europe Trip 2010: Day 8 Denmark – Vikings and Excel Post-Processing

I arrived late at night at Copenhagen airport and headed for the taxi rank to get to my hotel. As I exited the terminal, there was a large sign pointing to “Danish Taxis” to the right and “Swedish Taxis” to the left. Not understanding the difference, I figured I should ...

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Europe Trip 2010: Day 7 Switzerland – Finding a Common Language

Although Switzerland is a relatively small country, there are four distinctive cultures speaking four different languages within its borders. There are French, German, Italian and Rumantsch regions all speaking their respective languages. This leads to some interesting situations as I discovered when meeting with perspective partners there. The first partner ...

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Ponderings on the need for a Data Warehouse for BI

I recently came across an article that stated ‘No Data Warehouse Required for BI’.  I immediately understood that the article is going to stress the relevance of operational Business Intelligence (BI) over constructing data warehouses in a typical BI environment. I am a big believer of the fact that building ...

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