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Bring Your Ailing Dashboards to the Dashboard Doctors at IBIS 2014

Growing up, I had always wanted to be a doctor but somehow I ended up in the world of computer software. I found I had a natural ability for troubleshooting customer problems and I worked for several years in customer technical support .  I distinctly remember one customer telling me after we had spent an hour on the phone identifying and resolving a software problem that I had a “good bedside manner” and I should be a doctor!

I realized at the time that there was not a lot of difference between what I was doing diagnosing software issues and what a medical doctor does diagnosing patient issues. You listen carefully to all the symptoms, you check the vitals of the system and you use your knowledge and experience to troubleshoot the problem and come up with a prognosis or solution.

So when dashboard and data visualization guru Mico Yuk suggested we should have  a “Dashboard Doctor”  wellness center at this year’s IBIS where attendees can bring their ailing dashboards for treatment and advice, I jumped at the idea.

The IBIS 2014 Dashboard Wellness Center will be manned by top “Dashboard Doctors” who can both troubleshoot your problematic dashboard symptoms and help you with best practices, design and performance advice and make your dashboards healthy and fit!

We encourage you to bring your ailing dashboards to the “Dashboard Doctors” and if you are not able to attend, give them to one of your colleagues who will be attending.

In conjunction with the “Dashboard Doctors”  be sure to check out the great hands-on training dashboard boot camps and sessions  at IBIS :

  • Xcelsius Dashboards Iron Chefa master workshop created to provide attendees with a guided and directed path for successful dashboard project implementation
  • Data Visualization 201: How to make your visuals more ‘Intelligent’ & ‘Useful’  – Taught by Mico Yuk, Author of Data Visualization for Dummies and Founder of the BIDashboardFormula.com, the course has been described as ‘eye opening!’ You should expect to leave with a razor sharp vision for proper BI dashboard design and a clear understanding of how to create or modify data visualizations to make them more ‘intelligent.’
  • Introduction to Dashboards – Using SAP Dashboards 4.1 – Designed to provide attendees with a step by step guided learning to building a basic dashboard.  Rather than covering isolated topics, we will cover all the basics in the process of building a single dynamic dashboard, where every concept builds on the previous, so that users understand the most common workflows in building a dashboard.

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