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Chris Kruger is an Account Manager for InfoSol, providing Business Intelligence solutions for a wide range of clients. His passion for business and relationship building supports his motivation to learn everything he can about his clients and their business. Chris has in-depth knowledge and experience with multiple BI solutions and specializes in Mobile Business Intelligence. Chris has presented at many events, most recently including SAP User Groups and the ASUG Business Objects User Conference in Orlando, FL. Chris is a contributing member to many Business Intelligence Groups including America's SAP User Group (ASUG).

Stop Being a BusinessObjects Orphan

The BusinessObjects family is fruitful and multiplying. With the number of BusinessObjects user meetings dramatically increasing and additional cities requesting new local user meetings to be started, the family is going to continue to grow. We feel the reason for this increase is due to the content being delivered at ...

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IBIS: The Best BO Training Event of the Year

One of the main benefits of IBIS is the value of training. One misconception about IBIS is that people assume that it is like other conferences, full of product demos and marketing hype. What attendees soon realize is that IBIS is an intense training experience with the perks of networking ...

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Mobile BI – Video Tutorial

The topic of mobile business intelligence is still a very popular topic. In hosting many user groups across the country, I received a lot of requests to share a video tutorial that I had embedded into a presentation. I thought this would fit nicely with two parts of a mobile ...

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BI For The Little Guy

I have been spending a lot of time traveling around, discussing and discovering trends within the BI market space. One trend that typically gets over looked is BI for the Small to Medium Enterprise (SME)… thus, BI for the Little Guy. The reason this tends to get overlooked is because ...

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BI and a One-Eyed Horse

I have this weird perception in life to where everything I see I end up relating to Business Intelligence. This makes me sound like an extremely dull person, I know, but it does tend to create some good stories. As you can imagine, if you try and relate EVERYTHING to ...

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