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Ethan Durda is Director of Business Intelligence Development for INFOSOL providing training, consulting and project management for both Crystal Reports and BusinessObjects. Recent projects have included an XI R3 conversion and heading up a large Web Intelligence report development project. Ethan has 14 years in Information Services experience in a variety of platforms and databases. He has extensive teaching experience and has taught all levels of users and developers both BusinessObjects and Crystal Reports toolsets. Ethan is also active in various Business Intelligence Groups including America’s SAP User Group (ASUG), and previous to that, the Global BusinessObjects Network (GBN) organization. He is also a member of the Data Services Special Interest Group Steering Committee.

Welcome to the World!

I take great pleasure in presenting to you the 2031 Nobel Prize winner in Physics, Kolby Austin Durda.  In case you didn’t hear, my nephew was born on Saturday.  That’s right; I’ve already presented his name to the Nobel Committee for his solution of global climate change.  Please phone in ...

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Pop Quiz

Quick! Answer this question: Can you do the work of an accountant? Now, before I tell you why I ask and why you answered the way you did, humor me and ask yourself a few more questions: What made you think that you could or couldn’t handle that effort? Do ...

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Is it Karma or Just Bad Data?

I know that I shouldn’t be amused by these sorts of things, but I can’t help myself. Recently our good friends at HP announced that they are writing off $8.8 billion (yes, B, $8,800,000,000) worth of a company that they bought a year ago as the value of the company ...

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What do you think you know?

My wife was preparing to give a presentation to a group on the effects of chronic pain on depression and she made an interesting point to me that I think is worth sharing.  First of all, she knows a lot more about the brain than I will ever know.  Apparently ...

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Tree Trimming

For those of you not fortunate enough to live in the beautiful desert southwest you might not have had the honor of knowing of the tree that is the bane of my existence.  It is the Palo Verde.  I believe that it is Spanish for “Cursed Tree From the 7th ...

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Volleyball and Math

Last night as my wife and I watched the Olympics we were treated to the 4th set of a best of 5 men’s volleyball series between Brazil and the United States. While the game was good (US won by the way), I was particularly struck by a series of events ...

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March Madness

It’s that wonderful time of the year again for a great huge decrease in productivity across your company. According to Challenger, Gray & Christmas Inc. the US economy suffers a loss of $1.8 billion (yes, that’s $1,800,000,000.00) during this season due to employee distraction, poor time management and general distraction. ...

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Explaining BI to non-BI folks

I’m preparing for an upcoming business trip that I’d like to share with everyone. I will be at The Minerals, Metals and Materials (TMS2012) conference in beautiful Orlando, FL next week. The conference topics are exciting for me personally as well as professionally. My first job out of college (where ...

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