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The Bite-Size Future of Business Intelligence

One organization presenting at IBIS showed how they were using InfoBurst to automatically send text messages to people when critical drug shipments were delivered or delayed. This may appear to be more operational than BI in nature but the reports that were triggering these text messages was a BusinessObjects Web Intelligence report analyzing thousands of shipments.

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SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.3 Course and Training

Infosol has developed new Web Intelligence BI 4.3 hands-on courses that will be launched and offered at IBIS 2021 in June. This includes a 1-day WEBI 4.2 TO WEBI 4.3 DIFFERENCES – MASTERING THE NEW WEBI 4.3 USER INTERFACE hands-on course for experienced Webi 4.2 developers that covers all the ...

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Upgrading to SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.3

The new and current SAP BusinessObjects release, BI 4.3, seems to come up in almost every conversation I have with customers these days so I thought I should blog about it. The last service pack of BI 4.2, SP09, was just released and will remain fully supported through to Dec. ...

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What’s New In SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.3

The vast majority of BusinessObjects customers today are happily running some version of BI 4.2 and are stable and not looking to rush to upgrade to the next release (especially a relatively new one) any time soon. So why upgrade to BI 4.3? Well, like all previous releases of SAP ...

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How BusinessObjects Can Re-ignite SAP’s BI Strategy Again

It’s been over 13 years since SAP acquired BusinessObjects and really stepped into the world of Business Intelligence. During the first few years after the purchase, SAP sold a ton of BusinessObjects licenses and, for at least one or two years, they sold more BusinessObjects licenses than they did SAP ...

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Tech Tip – Auditing Maintenance in BusinessObjects

InfoSol Blog Tech Tip

Lately we have noticed issues with a lot of customers regarding their BO auditor not working due to lot of Audit files being present in the Auditing folder. So, here is tip for administrators to include as a part of their Application Maintenance list, which helps make sure the auditor ...

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No Code and BI – the Way Forward for 2021

While the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted just about everyone and every organization on the planet, there have been some awe-inspiring new Business Intelligence solutions created during the last nine months that have really impressed me as well as helped me think about BI in a new way. Back in March ...

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A BI Delivery Success Story that Just Keeps Growing

Hermes InfoBurst Case Study Blog

I never get tired of hearing Business Intelligence success stories and I always tell myself when I hear them, that I must blog about them.   Unfortunately, by the time I get around to doing it, I go back to my notes and find them sadly lacking in details.  You see, ...

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BI Dashboard Awards 2020 Show Sign of the Times

InfoSol Best BI Dashboard Awards 2020 Feature Image

Wow – June just zoomed by for me. That had a lot to do with it being the month we did our final preparations and delivery of our first ever SpeakBO Experience Live Virtual Event. A whole week of amazing immersion in the best of BusinessObjects – customer case studies, ...

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Celebrating BusinessObjects for the Next Decade

Celebrating BusinessObjects for the Next Decade Feature Image

Wow – here we are in a brand-new decade and it’s the 2020’s. Now if this decade turns out anything like its predecessor 100 years ago – the 1920’s – then we are in for a fun time! The “roaring 20’s”, as they were known, was a time in Western ...

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