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Education on BusinessObjects Education

Education on BusinessObjects Education Nelson Mandela once said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. Business Intelligence is being used every day to change the world, so education on the most popular business intelligence tool suite in the world, namely BusinessObjects, is doubly ...

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Creating Infographics with Standard Xcelsius Components

There is constant evolution in technology, and how things look and feel is part of that evolution.  What looked new and exciting last year is now the norm, and something else is wowing people. The first time I saw an Xcelsius model (now called SAP Dashboards) I was very impressed ...

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Mobile BI – Video Tutorial

The topic of mobile business intelligence is still a very popular topic. In hosting many user groups across the country, I received a lot of requests to share a video tutorial that I had embedded into a presentation. I thought this would fit nicely with two parts of a mobile ...

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Customizing InfoView – Part 1: Custom Logo and Title and Greeting


Software systems almost never deliver the look and functionality needed to meet 100% of an organization’s needs. Each organization has a unique set of requirements which often makes it necessary to implement customizations on top of the delivered product. This principle certainly holds true with SAP BusinessObjects and especially for ...

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Xcelsius Dashboards Still the Best Show in Town

When I first started presenting Xcelsius dashboards back in 2006, I said that it should carry a warning sign stating “May Cause Xtreme Xcitement”! Despite all the advances in technology and tools over the last decade that statement not only remains true today, but maybe should be changed to “Will ...

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Real BI Case Studies Worth a Thousand Demos

I love improv comedy. It makes me laugh a lot more than rehearsed comedy and I find myself much more engaged because neither the comedian nor the audience knows what’s coming next. It’s real and it’s raw. Having sat through more Business Intelligence presentations than is probably healthy, it is ...

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Black Swans, Cheese and BI


Have you ever read one of those stories that you just can’t forget about, even if you want to?  In case you missed this story back in January, a truck carrying cheese was traveling through a mountain tunnel in Sweden and it caught fire.  Not news you say?  Well, to ...

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BI For The Little Guy


I have been spending a lot of time traveling around, discussing and discovering trends within the BI market space. One trend that typically gets over looked is BI for the Small to Medium Enterprise (SME)… thus, BI for the Little Guy. The reason this tends to get overlooked is because ...

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Line Charts – Series Name at the End of the Line

When I use a multi-series line chart in my Xcelsius dashboards, there is more than one way to identify each series: 1) display legends 2) display data labels with “Series Name” enabled 3) Mouse-over each data point to see the series name. But often I like to display...

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InfoBurst User Conference Wrap-up and Feedback

On behalf of the InfoBurst team I want to thank the attendees of this year’s InfoBurst User Conference in San Diego. Over six days iB users participated in certification courses, hands-on workshops and a variety of topical seminars. Users came together during the user influence meeting and shared their ideas ...

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Post IBIS2013 Update – Dashboard Award Winners, Photos, and more

IBIS 2013 was an amazing success. Thank you everyone; Customers, Partners, and InfoSol staff (including our summer interns) for making it possible and memorable.  I’ll say it again: Thank you… the experience was brilliant. The education offerings, hands-on workshops, executive seminars, bootcamps… pre and post seminars were totally awesome.  The ...

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