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Why Visual Design Studio will NEVER replace Xcelsius

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This week I was invited by an SAP BusinessObjects customer to participate in a discussion with SAP regarding whether they should use Visual Design Studio or Xcelsius to develop new dashboard based BI applications for a new project. The representatives from SAP explained the roadmap for their BI tools that ...

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Annual Dashboard Awards Show Xcelsius Still First Choice

David Behr showing a live demo

This year’s annual best dashboard awards at IBIS 2015 once again demonstrated that organizations using BusinessObjects continue to use Xcelsius dashboards as the preferred tool for creative and effective business intelligence solutions.  All three of the award categories were won by an Xcelsius dashboard solution. The Best Business Dashboard went ...

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dCode: HTML5 Dashboards Without the Coding

Introducing dCdoe

Update: dCode is now available for purchase! At IBIS 2015 we announced the first product to come out of the InfoSol UK Labs team, “dCode”. dCode is an add on to Xcelsius which unlocks the power of your dashboard and enables you to export your model as HTML5 to be consumed ...

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So, Which Type of User Are You When it Comes to Self-Service BI?

Self Service BI

On a recent international flight I could not believe how quickly I passed through immigration by using one of those self-service kiosks where you just insert your smart passport. I notice that more and more stores are using self-service checkouts now as well. So what about self-service BI?  You would ...

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Three Key Tips for Building Mobile Dashboards

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You walk into your office in the morning. You’ve double-checked your inbox and meeting schedule on your phone on your way in. You whip out your tablet and quickly go through the morning reports. Your everyday necessities are quickly becoming all available at the touch of your mobile devices. But ...

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J Lo Rocks , SAP Rolls and BI takes a Back Seat

J Lo Concert Sapphire 2015

  I had only seen Jennifer Lopez in movies before her rock concert at Sapphire this week. She put on a good show and certainly generated a lot more energy on stage than the keynote speakers at this year’s combined SAP Sapphire and ASUG Annual Conference. SAP rolled with their ...

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BO Rules. SAP Analytics Drool.

Girls rule boys drool

My youngest daughter owns a T-shirt, a gift from her aunt, that is emblazoned with the phrase “Girls Rule. Boys Drool”. As I prepare to attend this year’s SAP Sapphire and ASUG Annual Conference, I am thinking about wearing a T-shirt that reads “BO Rules. SAP Analytics Drool”.  I’m not ...

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Excel in “Crystal Reports Export to Excel” – Part 1

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In one of my recent client engagements, there was a requirement to replace Microstrategy reports to Crystal Reports. The business users were not ready to compromise on the format of Excel. I created a crystal report with Microstrategy SQL and used InfoBurst – Infosol’s flagship bursting product to deliver these ...

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Xcelsius Double-Decker: Still the Best Ride in Town

Xcelsius Double Decker Bus 630x250

One of the great inner city public transportation successes of the 20th century (and continuing into the 21st!) is the double decker bus. Their design is unique, accommodating two levels of passengers while remaining compact enough to navigate the small and tricky streets of major cities like London. The most ...

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Windows Server 2003 End Of Life

On July 15, 2015, Microsoft will end support and development of Windows Server 2003. Build 129 of the InfoBurst Platform (available Q4 2015) will move from Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 to .NET Framework 4.5. The newer framework will enable our developers to provide more features and better platform performance. Windows ...

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InfoBurst Build 127 Released

InfoBurst build 127 was released March 23, 2015. The build contains a number of enhancements and fixes, including: Support for BI 4.1 SP5 ADSync Group User Roles Command Line License Management AnuBIs HTML 5 Dashboard Designer PREVIEW Complete build release notes available in the InfoBurst Support Wiki.

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Paul’s Tech Term of the Month: Internet of Things (IoT)

According to Wikipedia, the Internet of Things is the network of physical objects or “things” embedded with electronics, software, sensors and connectivity to enable it to achieve greater value and service by exchanging data with the manufacturer, operator and/or other connected devices. These “things” may refer to a wide variety ...

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Keeping the Business in Business Intelligence


I recently visited several large companies in the UK to talk with them about their Business Intelligence deployments and strategy. During one of the discussions, the topic of where the Business Intelligence group belongs in the organization came up. At this particular company, the Business Intelligence (BI) group was part ...

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