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Europe Trip 2010: Day 7 Switzerland – Finding a Common Language

Although Switzerland is a relatively small country, there are four distinctive cultures speaking four different languages within its borders. There are French, German, Italian and Rumantsch regions all speaking their respective languages. This leads to some interesting situations as I discovered when meeting with perspective partners there. The first partner ...

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Europe Trip 2010: Day 3 Paris – Fine Cuisine Fails to Sustain the Body Whole

A second day in Paris and another day full of meetings. The second meeting is over lunch at a classic French restaurant situated next to the famous Opera with elaborately painted ceilings and a platoon of waiting staff for every table.  Each of the menu choices requires a paragraph of ...

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Europe Trip 2010: Day 1 London Swimming in Mobile Technology

After only 2 hours sleep on the trans-Atlantic flight (I should never have watched that in-flight movie “Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll”), I finally arrived at my sister’s house in London only to find nobody in.  With two suitcases and a backpack, I parked myself on her doorstep ...

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Group Training Can Be a Slippery Slope

With the Winter Olympics kicking off this week, I was reminded of my own somewhat painful experiences on the slopes. The first time I ever attempted to ski was at a small ski resort in Northern Arizona.  At the advice of my wife I attended the Beginner Camp with about ...

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